I'm in love. There's this guy with amazing looks and an amazing personality that I can't get over it's rediculous. LOL. Dont you love that? Arggggh! :D Anyways so I'm really looking forward to the rest of this weekend. Tryon can seriously suck a fat one. :)


  1. aww well hope u stay with him if hes so sweet (: and thts weird ive never met cute with great personality and ulgy with not well ugly with not yea but cute and great... hmmm wow ur luck yto find one like tht.


  2. EVERYONEloves those kinds of boys.
    but after everything you and your ex have
    been through think before you fall.
    love always

  3. That's a boy that everyone could sink their teeth into. Have a great weekend, lovely!

  4. Lol, everyone would love someone like that. =]

  5. Hello there. HAHAHA... yeah Tyron suck it. Lucky you! Guys like that are either gay or one in a million:)

  6. Yeah fuck Tyron :) but make sure you think with your head before you fo anything to crazy :) xx

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