i think that people tend to accept the love that they think they deserve. i just thought that you should know, if you're not smiling every single day, or if there are moments when you really don't know why you're in love with a person who could hurt you: you deserve better, go and get it. :)


  1. i love your hair, that bun is adorable! yeah, i wanna see your face too, gorgeous :) what wise words! have a lovely weekend ♥

  2. this is so true,
    i actually wrote this as a quote by you in my inspiration journal ♥
    have a great weekend x

  3. this is really honest and so true:) i love this photot too, you have amazing hair
    xx:) have a fab weekend

  4. thanks i will think about tht wen im bf searching.. adding tht to my check list.


  5. Nice quote. I love your hair; it's so pretty. -Hannah =)

  6. You are absolutely right! My hubby makes me smile and laugh every day (whenever he's at home). I definitely cherish those moments!


  7. Strong words there sis. Its amazing how many people stay in painful relationships...Im so happy to have an amazing man...almost 6 years now! Wow, crazy ay! I love the reflection and lights in the window in your picture. Mad love x


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