"Since you told what you did, everytime I said I love you was a lie. I couldnt kiss you because I didn't love you. I only texted you because I didn't trust you, and I don't want to be around you. I want to love you. But I don't I don't love you, Tryon. I just don't. Not even a little, not even at all."

I said this today to the guy I thought was the one for me. I'm officially in need of massive amounts of icecream, a club, a dancefloor, a bottle of tequila & a handsome boy I'll never see again. Sounds like the weekend plan to me. ▲


  1. sure sounds like one.. hope ur ok babe.


    p.s. love the comment beep thing hahah

  2. I seriously love how you make fun of things like this. You are so care-free, and I love it!.
    Girl, you rock!


  3. i just love your texts! great post

  4. Sounds like the perfect weekend. We should be besties.

  5. mm hope you're okay, girlie.
    this too shall passs :)


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