Me: Dad, I'm moving out.
Dad: Wanna tear out the old kitchen and design the new one?
Me: Yes, Dad. Yes I do.
This plus the fat ugly hairy mole I was going to move in with being a fat ugly hairy mole, means I'm staying at home like where my home is. And yeah so I chickened out. I don't blame me. :)

This post is long.

My friends network is changing, again. Some people are so fucked sometimes it genuinely suprises me. But, suprisingly, when it's not devistating, it also makes me happy. Weird!

Fuck and I want to delete my facebook. What the fuck, honestly, why the fuck is everyone so fucking obsessed? Even I'm fucking obsessed like fuck-off facebook, you shit-pusher. Seriously, eveyrone's checking on you all the time and still you scream for attention. The fuck is wrong with you?! Hm, I think I might be angry at something. If facebook was a person I'd punch it in the mouth. :)


  1. Girl, you should delete your Facebook. I did - it's amazing!!

  2. my beautiful baby:)
    just came online to check out some dates for my exams your and saw your post and yeah i just couldnt help but comment,even though i dont have any time to post about my shit:p
    your dads awesome,his proposal was awesome and i'm really happy for you:)
    i never created a facebook account,i thought it would turn me into those freaks who cant stop checking out their statuses:p so good for you :)

    always yours

    p.s. i admire and LOVE YOU with all my freakin heart. <3

  3. i think you're right! delete facebook, i always thought it's a shit

  4. Awwwh, I seriously feel the need to move out. I think I'm being naive about the whole moving out thing though, but I'm still planning on it next year :) I miss commenting on your posts, as weird as that sounds! And yes, Facebook is for stalkers. Everyone knows each others business because it's a public networking shit filled website that lures in teenagers and pedos. That's my two cents. xxxxx

  5. Man, I deleted my facebook once. It only lasted a day before I got about 30 text messages asking if I was still alive.
    You, and your dad are so adorable. :)


  6. Thanks so much for following :-) I think I automatically love you for all the "fucks" contained in this post. Haha.

    <3 Alex

  7. Amen, Too the facebook bit. Hahaha. :)

  8. hahahaha good post, yeah facebook annoys me. i follow but my life isn't awesomely fantastic, sorry but very wise words hahahaha yeah stuff friends, i have a couple of close ones and the others are always changing :p swearing is fun, made me laugh :)

  9. ahah funny post i loved it! - facebook is so scarily addicting... i dont usually go on but thses hols ive started to feel the addiction creep in

  10. haha i think so to. i deleted mine too. glad ur ok babe.


    p.s. have a great weeknd.

  11. i wont lie,
    i'm addicted to party pictures on facebook.
    i crave it the morning after like an advil and a hot shower.

  12. hahhaha. i almost deleted my fb the other day. it does nothing but cause problems and addictions. ha. ugh.


  13. Bahaha I love the conversation! I agree with the facebook stuff... some people are just whingers. I get the same "hates her life", "Is so angry at someone" status updates. Ugh shut it pal! >.>

  14. Delete facebook I did and it's so much better without! It's like....LIFE BEFORE FACEBOOK!! Hahaha x

  15. I hope you notice this post. You probably won't remember me.. but I feebly attempted blogging for a few months. Disappeared. Came back, nobody noticed.

    Regardless, hi :) delete facebook, do it! I did. It calms you right down. Facebook just makes everyone far too paranoid and it seems like you can't get conversation without "so she said to so-and-so on facebook right..." URGH.

    I always loved your blog.


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