TY: hey if you wanna see me, come over. you know how to get in and without being heard. even if its just for a hug then you gone leave i dont mind.
ME: pffft! you really thought i'd come over after how rude you've been to me? why the fuck would i want a hug from the dickhead i did everything for, gave everything to, just for them to chuck it back in my face by lying, cheating and making me believe there was something there was fighting for? honestly, i do need a hug. but i need it from someone who loves me, and the way you been acting lately all can see is that you loving me is a joke i'm paying the price for. i need a hug tyron, but not from you. i need a hug from MY tyron the one that i fell in love with. the one that cared about me and the one that made me happy. not the cunt you've turned into. you're a fake peice of shit - and i never thought you'd reduce me to talk to you like this. honestly, you're fucken acting like you're the shit when all youre doing is being a dumb cunt. after all the shit i did for you and gave up for you.. like shit how fucking dumb can you be? no shit that im upset, but i'm happy cause for me to be able to find someone better, it's going to be a lot easier than it will be for you. you used to mean the world to me, and now, cause of what you've done, all you are is a fucken joke.