i'm pleased to inform that today after 6+ hours of shopping at 3 shopping centres i have returned home with: + 6 new pairs of earrings + 1 new renaissance-coloured printed top :) + 1 silver elephant head necklace [link] + 2 melbourne postcards (to sendout!) + 1 passionfruit slurpee ♥ + 1 huge denim carry/beach bag all for less than $15.00! how i love how my eyes pick out awesome things at cheap prices lol but seriously even i am amazed :) anyways so i was talking to like 6 of my friends on the phone today after i got back home, and this week & next week should be super duper busy!
tomorrow, i'm going with one of my school mates bonit (bohn-neet: it's french) to his course enrolment at the same place i'm going to, finding our official 'hang out' spot, then dropping off a couple resumes, going for food, meeting up with kel & buying facemasks, having a night in with her :)
saturday, i'm "going shopping with kel" but, really [SECRETLY] going shopping with tyron, because LOL, after i told him about my amazing shopping adventure today, he's desperate to watch me devour his cash, go crazy and burp out tonnes of new clothes for him, as always. :)
sunday, i'm going to a different church because i'm not supposed to be seeing tyron, and then probably just doing paperwork and prepping for monday's meeting for the volunteering thing again, as well as some paperwork for the volunteer firefighting i do on tuesdays.
monday, is another meeting where i have to talk for like 120923197012379 hours. i really ceeb, but its fun having everyone love you for shiet that comes out of your mouth like the words of your favorite songs :) plus my mum loves me for it and buys me clothes lol~
tuesday, is first official training of 2010 for firefighting. i have a sore leg. this shall be fun. =='' during the day, is my enrolment for my interior design course. i'm so pumped!!
wednesday, class of 2009 are having a reunion at this milk-bar/cornerstore we used to sneak out of school to go to during the day and we might be going clubbing at the night but i'm not sure :\ thursday boring (so far) just shopping,
friday, we're going to my fav club. it has the best music, best crowd, free drinks and free entry! what more could i ask for, seriously?! tyron might be coming alsoooo which is totes cool but i'd kinda rather him not dunno why!? oh and also during the day I OFFICIALLY START MY COURSE! woo, that was alot to get through :) hope your lives are as WOW-KA-POW! as mine right now. also to those lovelies who are posting me, gawwd bless ya ♥ love you all though, my crazy gang of followers! xx.
inundated, exhillerated, surrounded by the sea, stifled, drowning, take my hand, and find a way with me.
(oh and btw, the last bit's a memory of me & tyron that one time we went swimming at night in the ocean compared to now, im a sucker for my thoughts LOL)


  1. ee, sounds good :D glad you're feeling better :)

  2. wish i had lots to do liek you. my life is pretty boring now (:


  3. hahaha your week sounds so much fun:)
    in contrast to mine,which will be...hmmm..
    fucking studying booya:p

    love ur thoughts:)


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  5. sounds like u got a busy week, i wish i could go on a big shop

  6. Hi there! New reader, I love your blog. Such pretty pictures and lovely commentary. Wish you the best in all your adventures in the coming days. :)


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