good morning bloggers (: the girl thats being a bitch that took my crap is still being a bitch. the girl that stayed at my house last night, is this one that i was best friends with for like a year and a half and then randomly stopped talking to me. it was really awkward cause i havent talked to her for months and we used to spend everyday together. i thought i could be friends with her again, i really did. but truth is i'm really uncomfortable with not being the friends we once were. i'm not cool with it at all. and it'd be great if things would go back to how they were but i know after last night they might be o-k, but its not the same. tyron came over this morning. i love him, and he loves me. but if he changes, it will be in a very long time. when he hugged me i couldn't stop crying, and all i could think about was that nothing in my life right now is the way it should be. :(


  1. *massive hug for nancy*
    thats funny, because today i caught up with my closest friend from two years ago. it's exactly the same as what you said. everytime we talked about her bestfriend or my bestfriend I was like...

    how come we're not each others best friend anymore?!

    Baby love is such a confusing thing, in which you know alot about. im sure things will work out the way you want just give it time. xxoo

  2. I certainly know how you feel, in regards to the Tyron thing :( xx

  3. oh no girl!! reality is...nothing in our lives is what it should be! ahhhh!! but it will get better, you'll see :) just wait and see :)

  4. things will get better;)
    and trust me nothing is the way its supposed to be in my life either.but wth that makes the whole deal more interesting right?


  5. aaw hun dnt worry everything comes out better for you it always does.



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