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69th post. lol. also, lol at me being rediculously childish about it. i dont have many thoughts today. yesterday i had a fight with my boyfriend and shit went craaaazy. again. as always. but i told him i hit my head and he's coming over to chill with me tonight after he's done working. :) i was supposed to go to my sisters for lunch today but i was moving a vase from the bathroom to the lounge so i could clean the bathroom - i slipped. cause i didnt want to break the vase (it was like$400) i went head first into the doorframe. HARD. now i feel sick. i hope your day is better than mine! xx


  1. I guess it's worth it though for saving the vase?
    I like the pic,

  2. awww i hope you feel better now! :)
    and i like the photo
    xx Kirra

  3. awww baby <3

    hope you feel better now:)
    poor head :p


  4. ouuuuuuuuuuuuch, i've done that before; but it was down the stairs, and we have a marble floor. So it was hard.

    GWS (yn)

    NikkyEmma xx


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