not having a job is really depressing me.
seriously, my friend bought an outfit yesterday
and i came home and out of nowhere i started
crying like i've never cried before!
it was soooo weird but it was also because
my boyfriend kept asking what was wrong. i hate that!
i wanna buy clothes for me and random shit
for my boyfriend and presents at christmas
and op shop things and that! i even actually
want to pay tithing! or at least be able to! argh!
plus i want to get out of this f*cking house.
its driving me nuts. everything is!!
either way though i'm not emo or anything
i'm still happy for what i have, i just want a job.
& my hair is growing! yay!
its funny how things like clothes can depress you
i'm such an ungrateful bitch LOLOL
ohwell :) hope you are all well and lovely.


  1. Aww Damn, I dont have a job it's really annoying. I have really extreme looks and i live in north devon in the uk, it isn't a good combination because they are so boring around here there is nothing to do, i study fashion in college, which is really fun. I am moving to London next summer so i cant wait . Hopefully I'll get a job then and things will get better.

    I hope things get better for you and i really love those 2 photos for some reason

    nad xx

  2. I really understand how you feel !! heeee

    Because after I ended school,I was slacking at home for months,I mean 7 months. With no work and nothing to do. And I badly wanted a job and have money to get new clothes and pay for stuff.

    And I kinda get sad when I don't have new clothes every month. My boyfriend would always ask,do you need to have new clothes every month ? And I said,yesss its a MUST !

    Hmmm,maybe you can find a job at a clothing store you love! Like American Apparel or something you like. So you work and get discounts for clothing too.

    Oops,too long of a comment now. big hugssss

  3. yes money = everything
    but love is also a refreshing thing to have!!

    i remember my floor mates always go shopping and i am stuck window/internet shopping lol so pitiful! but i hope you feel better! one day we will rule the world and shop til we drop


  4. I lovelovelovelove your blog!
    I can't state it enough.
    These summer holidays = a job, hopefully?!
    Gorgeous pictures,

  5. I feel exactly the same, I can't get a job for love nor money and I need one so badly. I just want money. Its true money makes the world go round x


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