ice-cream sundae.

i just woke up! i feel sicckkk :(
i dont know what to wear to church today
or what to wear to my interviews for uni/tafe next year but i ate icecream for breakfast. mmm. :)


  1. Mmmm... icecream for breakfast, haha.
    Btw, thanks for your comment, it made me smile. I could really get to liking your blog:)

  2. I hope you feel better, I don't think I could eat icecream for breakfast. cute photos

  3. Get better!
    I'm sure youll look lovely for your inteview,
    I could go for some icecream right now haha :)
    I love the top photo - so cute!
    Pearl xo

  4. thankyou for your comment lol, he really is crazily clever, love your blog!
    I hope you get better and do well in your interview (:
    Torey x

  5. cute blog, hope you feel better!

  6. thanks for the comment :)
    your so lucky to have that bike like the one in the pic i posted. I'd do anything to have one like it. But it would be better if i lived somewhere else, i dont really live on a vintage bike riding road. haha.
    you should follow.
    i will follow you in return.


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