i'm not particularly happy today, but i'm not particularly sad either, its really weird! i think its because my daddy yelled at me this morning for not cleaning something my sister made a mess of, but then three scottish men came to my house and put insulation in the roof above my room so i wouldnt be cold anymore. and they did it for free :) thanks for the comments on the last post, and yes my boyfriend is a little bit cool. shall i tell you stories about the beginning of our romance? hua-cha! i need to figure out what's for dinner tonight~ hope you are smiling :)


  1. ooh yes! do tell it from the beginning! i love sweet tales of love, if only to make me forget im alone x

  2. hy :) thanks for your lovely comment :)
    i like your blog, if you want you can follow me :P & i follow you ..

    nice day xoxo

  3. yes, I agree with claire :) :)
    can't wait!

  4. yay I would totally like to know your story!!!!
    And girl we 're still waiting for those pics and of course your letters... :)

    have a nice day =]

  5. definitely tell the stories! :D xx

  6. Thanks for comment on my blog! ive been having a look on yours and its really lovely!! you pictures are amazing!


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