I do not understand guitar hero. :(

hi party people! (special hello's to my new followers!) whats up. :) i just got back from a house party in this massive, massive house that had a bunny rabbit hopping around. was pretty cool, but i fell asleep and when i woke up people were playing guitar hero and talking about placentas. ew. it was a really weird party, but the music was crap so like, yeah. and boyfie wasnt there, ew. anyway, i PROMISE i will post pictures of my formal dress as soon as i find the cord for my cameraaa :) dress is not that great but i love love love it. my shoes are death on heels. :D i hope your weekends are fantasticly amazingly super super duper awesome! xxxx.


  1. i dont understand guitar hero either, first time i tried playing i was drunk - wasn't the best :P
    i love your photos!

  2. i've never played guitar hero!
    the closest is tap tap revenge on my ipod :D lol
    it sounds like quite a weird party?
    sometimes the weird ones are the good ones though!
    Pearl xo

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  4. i can't wait to see your formal dress! :)

  5. i <3 your blog, so go to my blog to pick up your award. :)

  6. Haha i dont get guitar hero either. can't wait to see the dress (: x

  7. huhu guitar hero..there was a period that my friends were Crazy fot it XD


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