delicious ambiguity

nothing's happened so far today. i just woke up with a headache because i fell asleep with my head on my phone. i wasnt talking on it or anything, it just ended up there. i think because i miss my boyfriend, i wanted to text him last night to tell him to come over in the morning, but i fell asleep. i'm kind of glad i did though, because if i had texted him and he didnt come, i wouldve been shattered. i miss him. i'll probably see him tonight. there's a church dance, only thing is that if he doesnt go, i'll end up going with this guy he hates who's my friend (i dont really like him either). awkward. the drive in was amazing, twilight was amazing: but taylor lautner is so much more than beyond amazing. have you seeen his body?! hello! i'm just glad my boyfriend didnt go last night to see me drool all over myself for this guy. LOL! honestly though, last night would have been so much better with him there. :( I MISS HIM, and yes i said it again. and for those wondering why the fuck i talk about my boyfriend so much is because he's so much so a part of my life that when he's not there for a while it freaks me out. he actually told me that he plans to marry me this one time we were at the hairdresser and i was looking at a bridal magazine. but he has shit to do first. it's complicated. also, and more importantly - he's my best friend. i can tell him everything (doesnt mean i do, remember i'm an incredibly emotionally closed off person).
the thing is though - i think i'm falling out of love with him and its scaring the hell out of me. hmm. i think i'm going to text my friend to tell her to text him and get him to do something awesome. like a summersault. :)
he is amazing, but he's just so damn stupid. nothing so far has happened today.


  1. aw hun, you always have the most interesting images on your blogs. lovveesss it.

    hope things with you and your bf start looking up, nothing is simple stay true to yourself xx


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