stress WILL be the death of me.

exams, people moving into my house, boyfriends, friends, parents, jobs, money, exams, homework and study are all really sucking the life out of me! i'll be okay though. even though i hate my life, i love most of the people the people in it. even though none of the people i love even like eachother, its still all good. ♥ i purposely decided to not tell anyone else about last weekend. (: it sounds selfish but i'm trying to keep on movin' (gotta love that song). aaaaaaah. i'm dying!!!
on the up side; my boyfriend's being a complete gem ♥ he's fixed everyyythinggg and i had a migraine today & he fixed me (head massages, icepacks & love)! the past week's got me thinking about how much we rely on others. the lengths we go through just for reassurance is seriously disturbing. like, after cuddling with tyron (boyfriendd!) everything is now okay. like how the hell does that even happen?? anyway, this picture i loveee. everytime i see a picture with masks on, i always think about how its so much easier to be yourself while in disguise.


  1. interesting photo, and i know what you mean. when you have a disguise you can be yourself completely, but it's being yourself without a disguise that's difficult. it's taken me years, and even now i'm not completely me all the time. x

  2. hmmm... yes you are right about the mask part..and about everything else....i know exactly what you mean.seriously sucking the life out you.
    glad for your boyfriend!prince charming is back on action :)


  3. thanks for commenting on my blog :)
    I love these photo's and i hope your don't get to exhausted :) your boyfriend sounds sweet, when i get one i hope he will be as sweet as yours :)

    xx. A


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