i officially hate my boyfriends mum.
now, i know that hate might be a strong word, BUT!!
she is seriously being a big fat hairy mole! and no, i'm not going to be a bitch to her or make my boyfriend choose between, but ugh i've really never met anyone so anal in my life. & i really want to tell her how grosse her hair is.
and i'm also very glad she doesnt know how to use the internet.
advice to anynoe who is going through or will ever go through this
the best thing to do, is to not do anything.but act the victim.
my boyfriend loves me; hence if he sees me upset, he'll know its an issue
if your boyfriends mum sees you upset, (and shes not a sub-species of alien) she'll feel bad.
..and eventually apologise.
and then you can get on with your life.
in the meanwhile: do little things that will annoy her (that if she reacts to it will make her look stupid.) to keep you entertained whilst you wait for that big fat apology -- all nicely wrapped with a pretty bow ontop. :)
bendyway, i'm gonna go find nail polish, & paint my nails black. :) ..she hates black nail polish.


  1. lol!! that's some pretty good advice, i love black nail polish :P

  2. hahahaha if shes being a bitch to you, you can simply ignore her...!!!Oh and try looking as happy as you can with ur nails painted black so that she goes madddddd :)
    She will probaby hate seeing u happy cause then her efforts to ruin u will seem meaningless:)
    and they are :)


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