her hand's ugly (: but i like her hair
(nancy, tryon after church bbq)

coming my house babe?
yeah for sure :)
on the way there:
*ring ring!*
i have to go home.
your mum??
..yeah, i'm sorry babe.
(in my head) fuck!
today was both complicated and elaborate.
i found out how much my boyfriend actually loves me.
things were said such as "i really do not want to lose you,"
"i'm scared of being without you." and
"dont ever leave. i dont want you to go." were said;
and life briefly resembled the budget video clip
off a soundtrack song of a cheap romantic chick flick
(where in the end it's shit cause theyre
both ugly. except my boyfriend's hot.)
i wont bother explaining everything i currently have no idea what's going on. slightly reminds me of war:
no deaths, no guns, no tanks though. nothing flash.
just pure amunition (and ofcourse, politics).
kisses, hugs, and uncomfortable
touchies for you all :D *winkwink*
♥ thanks for commenting!
nancy 1 - 1 big mama


  1. Oh I'd like to swear at that woman!!!!!!!!
    Does that make me bad?
    Shes screwing with u so I guess it doesnt hahaha!

    Be patient with her darling because,
    What goes around,comes around
    And it will come back right at her ;)


  2. i'd just like to say,. i love your blog. :)


i love all your comments ♥
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